About Me

I am a passionate advocate of natural health and I have over 12 years of experience practising my therapies and almost 10 years of being a birthing partner.  The two roles are very connected because I believe so strongly that birth can be enjoyable when it is natural and thus women who are supported fully throughout pregnancy and birth and the post natal period will have a better overall experience of birth and mothering which in turn benefits the baby and the whole family unit.

I have only ever used natural remedies and medicines in my own family and I believe this way of life sustains us and strengthens us.  I have seen the results many times in my clinic with my clients who have exhausted all avenues with the conventional approach.  I know Kinesiology works because I live it, as does my family.  I trust that nature gives us the answer almost always – I don’t discredit or even ignore the life saving medicines and procedures that are available to us but I do believe that they should be just that – life saving – and that we should be taking back more control over our own health and learning how to heal ourselves through nature, nutrition and nurturing ourselves in the right way.


I had my 3 children naturally and drug-free, 1 at a birthing unit, 1 at home with a Doula and 1 at home born without any medical support at all.  I read and read about birth and how best to have a baby arrive into the world, to trust their journey as much as my own and I do, I trust the process of birth completely as a natural phenomenon that has been happening forever, I do not see it as a process of medical intervention and rescuing.  Birth is a wonderful experience if you can trust your body to do what it knows how to, what it is designed for!

I am here to help anyone who wants to change their life for the better, live with vitality and optimism and feel amazing.  There is no need to feel anything less than that and all it takes is you!  You are all you need to change how you feel and I can show you how – your time is now!  Are you ready to feel good?

With love

Kate x