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A Doula is usually a woman who supports another woman before, during and after the birth of their child regardless of how, where & when she chooses to birth.  A Doula does not replace the other parent either and is a physical and emotional support to all those involved.

Research has shown that a constant supportive presence throughout labour results in:

  • 50% reduction in cesarean rates
  • 25% shorter labour
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in Syntocinon use
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

From Klaus & Klaus’s The Doula Book (2002)

The word Doula means woman caring for woman.  Her role is simple, to give unconditional, non judgemental support from start to finish.  A Birth Doula is not a midwife, and although she may have knowledge of birth, medical procedures, pain relief, mother’s rights etc. she does not carry out any physical examination or advise on what decisions to take.  My role is to support a woman through the birth of her child and help her to have an experience that is empowering, fulfilling and joyful.

Using my skills and resources from my work as a therapist I have many tools at my disposal to support women in labour and during birth but mostly I feel my role is to safeguard the space where a woman chooses to birth and ensure she is undisturbed and feels safe at all times and treated with the utmost respect and care by the medical profession.

Initially I like to meet with prospective clients, if you are local I am happy to travel to you but for clients who live some distance away I often use Skype to chat or invite you to my home.  First impressions are important and it is essential we like each other if we are going to work together!

The cost of the entire package with includes 2 ante-natal visits and 2 post-natal visits plus my constant presence at the birth starts from £800 within Essex and £1,200 within London.

I believe that the presence of a Doula is so important to a woman’s experience of childbirth and that it should be accessible to everyone regardless of income, I strongly recommend the Doula UK Access Fund which is available to parents on a low income and I am more than happy to work with clients this way.

A Doula is a care giver in many ways and I offer support to parents who are transitioning through a traumatic experience such as miscarriage, still birth, cot death or coming to terms with infertility.  As a highly qualified and experienced therapist I can support you with compassion, empathy and love.  Please contact me directly if you feel you need some support.