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Kinesiology is a natural therapy that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic techniques and Acupressure.  Using the muscles in the body to find imbalances, known as Muscle Testing, Kinesiology is able to identify the underlying cause of ill-health which many other therapies and conventional treatments are unable to do and simply treat the symptoms alone.

I believe that by treating the symptoms alone I don’t really ‘fix’ the problem and just continue to mask the real problem so by finding the root cause I can truly support a person’s health physically, mentally and emotionally.

Using a wide range of gentle but powerful techniques alongside Muscle Testing I aim to balance the whole of a person using only the support of Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences and Nutritional Therapy to regain full health.

Kinesiology can identify and help problems such as:
Allergies & Asthma Fears or Phobias
Behavioural Problems Fears or Phobias
Blood Pressure Imbalances Hormonal Imbalances
Childrens Ailments Hyperactivity
Depression IBS
Digestive Disorders Infertility
Eczema Migraines
Emotional Trauma Muscle/Joint Trauma’s

Children and Babies are very receptive to treatments so feel free to ask for more information if you are interested in this.

Treatments are carried out fully clothed and are very interactive so that you can learn how to make changes needed to maintain the corrections that are done.  Tailored advice on nutrition that specifically supports you is given and any homeopathic remedies that are required are included in the session.  The initial consultation includes taking a full medical history.

I believe that by putting back into the body what is lost through ill health, stress, emotional upset, poor nutrition etc, the body has the ability to heal itself and with the correct support and advice and above all an open mind, full health can be achieved.

My clinic is close to Manningtree which is on the Essex/Suffolk border.  I also offer a clinic in Colchester Town Centre.  For very ill clients, those who live a long distance away, children under 5 and pets, treatments are carried out through hair analysis.  Sessions are interactive, informative and intensive and so time should be allowed afterwards to process all you do.

Kinesiology is an all encompassing therapy that can heal a person on very many levels and bring about deep healing and a change of attitude to yourself and life that is positive and outwardly visible.  To achieve this I can not work with single sessions.  It takes a person many years to become ill or imbalanced and a “quick fix” just isn’t possible.  To honour the commitment I give to my clients and acknowledge the level of experience I have in this field I  only work with clients that are truly willing to change and work hard to be healthy in mind, body and soul. 

Therefore the minimum course of treatments is 4 sessions.  This can support things like IBS, mild skin disorders, childhood illnesses and anxieties like shyness, fearfulness, unexplained phobias or food intolerances and sensitivities.

For more deep rooted issues such as asthma, adult anxiety/fears and phobias, recent emotional traumas, mild hypertension or endocrine issues a minimum of 8 sessions is required. 

For long term problems such as depression, infertility, long term blood pressure imbalances, long term emotional issues, confidence and self-esteem problems or long term weight imbalances/food issues a minimum of 12 sessions is required. 

These are booked in advance and paid in full or via instalments.  Your have nothing if you don’t have your health so please invest in yourself as eagerly and as willingly as you would a new car.  It brings comfort, reassurance, stability and peace of mind.  You are worth that and more.